Malai Paneer Butter Masala Meal Kit

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  1. Oil
  2. Mint & Coriander
  3. Friszon’s Home Made Paste (salt added)
  4. Paneer
  5. Butter
  6. Spices
  7. Kasuri Methi
  8. Fresh Cream

Note: Oil provided is suggested for optimal taste. You may alter the amount of oil according to your requirements.

Pre-Prep: Wash mint and coriander and chop roughly.

  1. Heat oil and butter in a pan/kadai on low heat (flame) for 30 seconds.
  2. Add spices. Leave it for 30 seconds.
  3. Add the paste and sauté for 3 minutes in medium heat (flame).
  4. Add 3⁄4 cups (200ml) of water. Mix it, close the lid and allow to cook for 5-7 minutes on medium heat (flame).
  5. Add paneer, mint, coriander and Kasuri Methi. Mix it, check the taste and if required add salt accordingly.
  6. Close the lid and allow it cook for 4 minutes on low heat (flame).
  7. Add cream and mix it.
  8. Turn off the stove and serve.
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Serves 1-2, Serves 2-3

204 reviews for Malai Paneer Butter Masala Meal Kit

Based on 204 reviews
  1. lakshmi adithan

    Friszon! You really do not have any idea how much time you are saving me because of these meal kits. Thank you!

  2. Lalani Samanlatha

    Amazing food. Paneer was so soft and fresh, so good and generously filled. Ordering again very soon!

  3. Raj Kumar

    One of the best food meal kits services in town – with such nuanced flavors, updated basics like Malai paneer, that you absolutely can’t miss out on by the way!

  4. Kamila Aashik

    It had been on our wishlist for so long, and it left us wondering why we didn’t order from them sooner! The Malai Paneer Butter Masala was so well-balanced and full of flavor. I actually feel like an actual cook.

  5. Indhucharu

    My favorite one out of all Friszon’s meal kit is Malai Paneer Butter Masala – soft, creamy and absolutely perfectly done.

  6. Abdul Salam

    Such a masterstroke! The packaging ensures a memorable experience in the comfort of your home. Malai Paneer Butter Masala is so delicious. Everyone in the family loved it!

  7. Bhuvana R

    From infusing classic Indian flavors together to delivering it perfectly on time. Friszon’s meal kits are actually perfect in a lot of ways. Cooking their food for the past 6 months and I have never been disappointed.

  8. subbu lakshmi

    Not often do you come across a brand that sweeps you off your feet. Friszon just did that for us with this Malai Paneer Butter Masala.

  9. gunamathi

    This malai Paneer is really something. All of them hold more flavor and pack a punch than the others. They have really neat and cute packaging. Loved everything about these meal kits.


    Absolutely loved the Malai Paneer Butter Masala. I am not really a good cook but I somehow managed to make it good. Thanks to the instructions that I got in these meal kits.

  11. Priyanaka Jayaraj

    The simplicity of flavors and fresh ingredients made it such an excellent meal!

  12. Muttu Bhajantri

    This meal kit is an absolute bliss!

  13. Darshani Vimal

    We ordered a bunch of Friszon’s meal kits. We really like the Malai Paneer Butter Masala!!! Recommended!

  14. Rathika

    We were three friends and were scrolling through the internet when we found Friszon. The menu is exciting with amazing variety for vegetarians! Ordered Malai Paneer, Brinjal Curry and Veg Hakka Noodles. The portions were generous and what was more fascinating was the packaging.

  15. Srrajantha

    It took my heart! Literally the best we had, must order!

  16. Shanthi Sambasivam

    We ordered meal kits from here and were amazed with the food quality, freshness and taste. I ordered their Malai Paneer Butter Masala. True value for money and tasted very good.-

  17. Deepika V

    I ordered from Friszon, and we all loved its tasty food. The ingredients were fresh, and the dish was easy to cook. Thanks to the cooking instructions!

  18. Dhurga Devi

    I never thought that I could cook something. But I cooked and served the malai paneer butter masala meal kit and everybody loved it.

  19. MuthuShanmugam

    Being a working person, it takes a lot of time to cook the entire meal.Friszon meal kits really help. They are healthy, fresh, hygienic,easy to cook and delivered on time as always.

  20. Sunthar Anathi

    I am really impressed with the food quality and taste.

  21. Narayani Ramesh

    All of these meal kits are made to perfection, and you will surely relish such tasty food.

  22. Vikashini Samy

    It was an amazing experience with good food and I will surely order something again real soon.

  23. Harshini Abi

    The food is very tasty and easy to cook. It’s not at all expensive, so it’s truly a value for money.

  24. bhuvavi Yasu

    I really liked their Malai Paneer Butter Masala. It was moderately spicy and the taste was amazing. You Don’t really have to add anything extra while cooking.

  25. priya s

    I really loved the way they packed the food, and you get everything to eat. One serving is good enough for 2 people to finish it

  26. Meena Mayil

    Malai Paneer was creamy with a good tangy taste.

  27. Sakthivel deepa

    Whenever I want to have super yummy food especially Malai Paneer Butter Masala, this is the name that pops up in my mind. The fact that it has such friendly team members and such good service and food is what brings me back here.

  28. Meena M

    Out of everything, paneer butter masala was the highlight and I definitely loved them. Definitely ordering soon !

  29. santhmoorthi Vijay

    Amazing experience, it was nicely packed!

  30. Monisa Raju

    I ordered food from Friszon few days earlier, and we loved the food. It was delivered fresh and early!

  31. Pavithra S

    I ordered their Dum Biryani, Malai paneer and Veg Hakka Noodles. The dishes tasted amazing!

  32. Malathi Saravanakumar

    The taste is superb—good nutritional balance. The packaging is very durable and easy to open. Easy to make in any condition. Suppose you are getting late or not in the mood to cook anything. It is the perfect thing that will not only make you complete but will also taste good.

  33. Muniyammal S

    We’ve tried many varieties of paneer, and this is one of the best. Totally ordering it again!

  34. diya ravur

    It’s delicious, cheap, and quick to make. Totally in love with this dish and concept.

  35. Punitha Samayalarai

    Love it! This product is undoubtedly of Restaurant quality!

  36. Nathiya

    We love this product. So easy to use and priced reasonably.

  37. Sundhari Raman

    Love it! This product is undoubtedly of Restaurant quality! –

  38. Arthi saravana perumal

    We love this product. So easy to use and priced reasonably.

  39. Sudha moorthy

    I love Indian food, and this brand is one of the best out there for a quick fix!

  40. Fathima Abdul

    Nice blend of spices. Very delicious.

  41. Abinaya sendhilkumar

    These are more affordable, convenient, fresh and delicious. What else a common man needs

  42. Charles

    Great food! Pocket friendly as well. I’ve been ordering from here for a while , and they’ve never disappointed me ever. Do try!

  43. Varsha sundar

    As always, it tasted good and fresh.

  44. Evelyn Antonyraj

    Loved the way they packaged the dish. Delivered on time. These Meal kits are time savior, they are easy to use and the food tastes excellent.

  45. Evelyn Antonyraj

    consistently good food, always fresh, and affordably priced. The variety makes sure eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring either!

  46. Kala jordan

    My personal favorite was the Malai paneer and Dum biryani food kit was good too. Overall, good value for money, and an enjoyable lunch.

  47. Rifni Mohamed

    Things that are guaranteed at Friszon– friendly service, fast delivery and most of all, excellent food.

  48. Vadivel

    Friszon’s food kits are downright delicious.

  49. Devi meenachi

    They have a wide range of freshly made/vegetarian meal kits that are amazing inn tastes. Personal favorites include the malai paneer, Veg Hakka Noodles and Dum Biryani (one of the best I’ve ever had).

  50. Meenakshi Rajan

    Love it. Excellent food and they have delivered it on time.

  51. Lavanya Prasad

    Ordered meal kits from here recently, because I was craving a nice Malai Paneer. Got exactly what I was expecting in terms of the paneer, it turned out to be fresh and delicious. Loved it.

  52. Kalai Babu

    Ordered online from here this past weekend, and was duly impressed. The portion – Malai paneer dum left two people with big appetites very full. Will definitely order from here again.

  53. Lavanya

    They make what are probably the best Malai Paneer I’ve had in a long time. I can’t believe that I was able to cook something like this . This was fun !

  54. Pavithra Chandramohan

    Excellent food – generous portions that make for a filling meal, everything tastes great, and you know you’ve got value for money one bite into your meal

  55. Kavitha Mohan

    Service was friendly, and the food was good. Got my food kit delivered on time.

  56. Rakshita Karthik

    I picked the Malai Paneer meal kit as my dinner – it takes some getting through, but every bite is a riot of flavour, and you feel just a little bit sad when it’s all gone.

  57. Karthik

    Friszon does a great job on these meal kits – literally – warms the heart.

  58. C.sulochana Chandrasekar

    Absolutely love Friszon! Fresh, delicious food, and the portions are generous enough to prompt a post-meal nap.

  59. Sivakumar Mangai

    I ordered the Paneer Dum. It’s one of the most incredible things I’ve ever eaten, and I wished I could’ve eaten a dozen more.

  60. Lydia Nadesan

    paneer butter masala is so delicious. It comes at a reasonable price. So I recommended it to everyone.

  61. Lydia Nadesan

    Totally loving their meal kits. These are quick, and excellent meal kits.

  62. Pavithra Subramani

    It is not that much spicy but has some good flavor. I will order more for sure

  63. Mathew

    One of the best we’ve tried, and we eat it often. The flavors are perfect, and the paste adds a rich note to the meal.

  64. Monisha

    I wanted to surprise my mother. So, I cooked her favorite Malai Paneer pumq using this meal kit. She absolutely loved it.

  65. Priya Prabhu

    This is my go-to food now!. I have already ordered enough for this week. I mean the taste is so amazing .-

  66. Sumaiya Banu

    My wife really loves these meal kits. She is a working woman, so she hardly gets time to cook better and I always wanted to help.

  67. Abhishek

    My girlfriends loved the dinner I made for her. Big thanks to Friszon’s Meal kit. You are a savior!-

  68. Vazeetha Husna

    The ingredients for the two servings have been perfect. I am enjoying the food and recipes very much.

  69. Ragul RR

    Everything has been delicious! All the ingredients are fresh and have been tightly packed.

  70. Dharshan Pj

    The Paneer is about as high in quality as you can expect from a highly-priced company. Totally loving these meal kits.

  71. Megana Ravi

    I am in absolute love with Paneer and Friszon’s paneer meal kits are easy to cook and save me a lot of time.

  72. Soniya Ravi

    The excellent tasty product would highly recommend easy to prepare.

  73. Sweatha Gokul

    Absolutely loving every bit of this.

  74. Priyanga Devi

    They have everything in veg. Loving every part of this. Quality and delicious food.

  75. M.Lakshana

    The portions are filling, and the rolls we ordered were loaded with flavour.

  76. Nainar Reddy

    It’s not restaurant-quality food; it is better than that.