Veg Hakka Noodles

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  1.  Oil
  2.  Cut Vegetables
  3. Sauce (salt added)
  4.  Noodles
  5. Onions & Garlic

Note: Oil provided is suggested for optimal taste. You may alter the amount of oil according to your requirements.

  1. Boil 1 litre (5 cups) of water with a teaspoon of salt in a wide non-stick vessel on high flame for 6 minutes
  2. Add noodles and cook for exactly 4 minutes
  3. Turn off the stove, drain them in a strainer and now rinse the noodles in running water for 10 seconds .
  4. Add 1 teaspoon of oil to the noodles and mix gently
  5. Heat oil in a wide non-stick pan for 1 minute on high heat
  6. Add onion & garlic and sauté for 1 minute
  7. Add all the vegetables and sauté for 2 minutes
  8. Add sauce along with 2 tablespoon of water and mix well for 1 minute
  9. Turn off the stove
  10. Add the noodles to the mixture and thoroughly mix. Check the taste and add salt if required
  11. Turn on the stove and keep the pan on medium to high heat for 2-3 minutes
  12. Turn off the stove and serve.
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  1. Stefi jose

    The seasoning of noodles is what makes it best in taste. The cut veggies are so fresh and I hope they keep selling this product. It is one of the best. Really Loved it.

  2. Keerthana Priya Balasubramani

    Generally, I need other extra stuff to add when I make ready-made noodles but for Friszon’s veg Hakka Noodles, I don’t need anything extra. Everyone in my family also loved it.

  3. Jaseema Parveen

    The meal kits are so fresh and tastes good since it was from Friszon and I have tried their other dishes as well. The Packaging was also very good. As compared to others, these meal kits are reasonable too.

  4. Bhuvaneswari Nambirajan

    I was craving for good veg Hakka Noodles and thank god Friszon came to the rescue. The noodles are easy to make and very delicious. Everyone should try it once.

  5. kanimozhi rajendren

    I was hesitating before purchasing this meal kit as I wasn’t very sure of the quality but I did it anyway. Not regretting my decision at all. The noodles were really amazing.

  6. kavimani kumar

    Best meal kits ever. Delicious, fresh and fulfilling. I prefer small packets with good packaging , and friszon meal kits come with good packaging and I really loved the Veg hakka Noodles.

  7. Chitra Chidambaram

    Meal kits are excellent. Totally Loved the noodles.

  8. Rajan Kesavan

    Noodles are one of my best guilty foods. But normal noodles take more time to cook and working overtime doesn’t allow me to give this much time to cooking. Thankfully I am able to satisfy my cravings with Frison’s meal kit especially the Veg Hakka noodles one.

  9. Bhavani Arularasan

    There is no point discussing the taste. These noodles are my go to noodles now ever since I liked the taste of noodles this much. Keep it up guys!

  10. Lalitha Babu

    The product was in proper packaging. Comes in handy when there’s nothing else available to eat. Easy to cook and really tasty. Loved it.

  11. karthiga kamali.s

    All your childhood memories of eating piping hot noodles in the comfort of your home come back. It has that homely flavor to it. Really love the packaging and the masalas

  12. sivaranjani.v

    Very good and worthy meal kit . It comes in these cute paper bags that consist of all the fresh ingredients. It has some excellent flavors.

  13. Sridevi Sampath

    The noodles that I get in local stores are very salty and greasy. These noodles feel very original in terms of flavour. Totally loved how these people were able to make something this interesting and delicious.

  14. Kumar Merlin

    I bought this meal kit for the first time and totally loved it. They also have lots of other options available. Going to order each of them soon!

  15. Priyabhaskar Bhaskar

    Overall, it’s a nice thing to purchase. The packaging was good and very reasonable to buy. I was elated when I got the package.

  16. Shruthi Krishnan

    Veg Hakka noodles are very good. I bought it for me and my husband. He totally loved it.

  17. rajeshwari mukundan

    Amazing flavor. A must-try for all working professionals. It is easy to cook, carry and really delicious

  18. Anuradha Rathinavel

    What can you expect when the local market is out of stock for good noodles? You search online. Thankfully I stumbled upon Friszon’s Social media. I ordered a few meal kits including the veg Hakka noodles. These are really amazing.

  19. Veni Suthanthirarajan

    It is very easy to cook dishes.I used their kit’s ingredients to cook a really delicious veg Hakka Noodles. I liked the flavor and thickness.

  20. Madhumitha Krishnamoorthy

    Perfect for those who are immature in cooking like me. I am absolutely in love with these noodles.

  21. Precilla Devasitham

    Our family is so happy looking forward to cooking and eating together every night. Friszon has been a complete lifesaver and joy maker for us!

  22. anandasakthi kanagavel

    Amazing flavor. Wanted to surprise my girlfriend and she loved every bite of it .

  23. Shammu Ahamed

    I have ordered previously from friszon. It has always been an amazing experience. Delivery at the right time, easy to cook and amazing taste. Good job guys!

  24. kaniksha kani

    Friszon deliver the best quality. No doubt! I am in love with the meal kits. I had 3-4 of their meal kits. Amazing taste.

  25. Vijaya Lakshmi.S

    I was craving Veg Hakka Noodles so badly. My sister has suggested me about the ordering from friszon. Have to say the noodles were really tasty.

  26. Divya Anbu

    I don’t know much about services like friszon in Chennai. The meal kits are tasty, easy to cook, and they deliver on time.

  27. Elakiya Sargunam

    Absolutely loved the flavors! Reminds me of home.

  28. Bakya Senthil

    The noodles aren’t bland at all. Loved the flavours they used. It was perfect, I haven’t added any extra ingredients.

  29. Manisha Palanimurugan

    These meal kits are so amazing. Everybody at home loves them and this is basically our go-to food.

  30. Karpagam Valli

    I am a working mother and don’t get much time to cook an entire meal. Get to know about Friszon. Have to say these are healthy and delicious. Y kids loved the meals !

  31. Sathya Ramesh

    Amazing flavours. Delivery on time. Also, cute packaging.

  32. Priyadharshini Natarajan

    The preparation of food is easy with excellent and fresh flavors. I love cooking these meals.

  33. Kaviya Chitra

    Excellent quality, I love the selections, and the portions are ample for two servings.

  34. Revathi Senthil

    Every meal kit is an amazing dish! Thank you, Friszon.

  35. Kalai Vani

    I have tried a lot of other meal kits with different companies. Totally loving Friszon’s Meal kit. Meal kits always come greatly packaged and with amazing flavours.

  36. Ramya Palaniyandi

    Always fresh and delicious portions. I am never disappointed with the quality of ingredients.

  37. Assumtha Nirmal

    Friszon has been a great life saver! Doesn’t really have to think about cooking much. These Meal kits are easy to cook and are delicious.

  38. Keerthana R

    These portions are really tasty and easy to cook. I have tried at least 3-4 different meal kits! They all are amazing.

  39. Gobika Arumugam

    Don’t disappoint at all! I am happy I chose to give Friszon’s Meal kit a try. It is worth every single penny.

  40. Hema Latha

    am really happy that service like friszon existed here in chennai. I am really loving their veg hakka noodles meal kit.

  41. Priya Mahesh

    Lovely packaging and really good taste. Worth my money!

  42. Maha Lakshmi

    Everybody in my family loved the veg hakka noodles I cooked last night. Really loved every bit of it. Good Work Team Friszon!

  43. divya prasath

    I was looking for some healthy and easy to cook alternatives. My search has ended at Friszon’s Meal Kits.

  44. Punitha Sirisha

    Loved the flavours, packaging and the fact that it is very easy to cook.

  45. seetha Selvaraj

    I am literally drooling over the veg hakka noodles by Friszon . absolutely loving the flavours.

  46. Susila Saravanan

    Wow! Have to say Friszon just has raised the standard of food out there. I mean it is easy to cook, tasty and delivered on time.

  47. Nisha Renganathan

    I love all the recipes!! Food is fresh! Great customer service!!

  48. dakshiniya ganesh

    Nice packaging and good flavours.

  49. Sheela Selvakumar

    Thankyou for being a lifesaver Friszon! Loved the hakka noodles.

  50. Vijaya Sri

    I don’t really have to worry about what’s for dinner now! I just look forward to my meal kits.

  51. Meenakshi Baskaran

    I am happy with the flavours. Really good customer service.

  52. Priya Andrews

    All of the meals were very good. I am not a good cook, and I appreciate the ease of preparation.

  53. saranya vinoth

    Ordered from this place and it was so tasty. I enjoyed literally every bite of it. The Packaging was so nice and everything was fresh.

  54. Jeevitha Velu

    I am a regular customer of Friszon Every time their product, their service, their packaging is perfect. Good work team Friszon!

  55. Shanthi Muniswamy

    I was looking for something like Friszon from long time. Finally found it. Totally loving the meal kits as well..

  56. Chitra Ramachandran

    Really appreciate the efforts by the team. It shows it in the services well. Meal kits are delicious.

  57. mohamad Sameer

    I absolutely love Friszon. I love having everything on hand for dinner! All the meal kits are so delicious

  58. nathiya sekarn

    They provide the fresh ingredients with all the instructions properly packed. Veg Hakka noodles are absolutely delicious.

  59. Preethi Surya

    What an amazing service! Really loved everything about it. They provide fresh ingredients, amazing flavours in one meal kit.

  60. Sumithra Jagadeesh

    I have recently ordered Veg hakka Noodles from Friszon. What an amazing service ! My whole family loved the dish

  61. Saranya Radhakrishna

    I can’t express my feelings as these veg hakka noodles are very delicious and the packing is just amazing.

  62. Deepa vetri

    as expected, fresh and tasty, lovely. I really enjoyed it.

  63. Mahadevi Uday

    If you ask me to identify the best item from the Friszon, it will certainly be veg hakka noodles. Quantity and taste is unbeatable as is portion size.

  64. Hemameena Rajasekar

    I mean what else a lovely dinner could be! Thank you Friszon for the amazing food.

  65. Shanthi Velmurugan

    Friszon has so many good mouth watering options to choose from their Meal kit menu. I love their Veg Hakka Noodles and Dum Biryani.

  66. Steffy Nandhini

    Veg hakka Noodles are simple, superb and overall tried a lot of dishes and all of them have turned out to be good.

  67. Sherin Jemimah

    Highly recommend it to everyone. You guys have simply nailed the experience from packaging to the quality of food. Loved it

  68. Lavanya Chandru

    Totally delectable with mouth watering flavors! An awesome appetizing experience on the whole!!Thank you!

  69. nithya dheena

    It was very fresh and tasted perfect. I found Veg Hakka noodles very delicious. Will definitely order again soon!

  70. Anitha. S

    These delicious meal kits are creative, nicely spiced, and just the right amount.

  71. Jerlin Supriya

    We have enjoyed Friszon for several months. They are very creative, the quality and amount are excellent, and it’s always fun to prepare the recipes.

  72. Vidhya Purushothaman

    Perfect place to order Veg hakka Noodles from. I have tried other dishes too ,Dum Biryani and Malai Paneer are recommended.

  73. ramya thayalamohan

    If you’re looking for some easy to cook and delicious food which is unique to its flavour then Friszon Meal kits are highly recommended.

  74. Keerthana Ponmani

    A food service which has some good food meal kits and a very supportive customer service. My overall experience was very satisfying. I Loved the food as well.

  75. rekha velmurugan

    Got food delivered from here, and the food was amazing.Ordered veg noodles and dum biryani, all of them tasted really delicious. The quantity was good as well.Food was packed well and it was delivered on time.

  76. Kumutha Palanisamy

    The food is so good and the cost is well under your pocket. It is an amazing food venture to order your food from.

  77. Poornima B

    It was an Excellent Experience to order from Friszon. Veg hakka Noodles were Delicious. Quantity is reasonable.

  78. Meenakshi Senthil

    I recommend everyone to try this once. I made veg hakka noodles using the meal kit and it turned out to be extremely delicious.

  79. Poornima Palanisamy

    The taste is great, easy to cook. Value for money too.

  80. Ashwini Kumar

    Spill proof packaging with Fresh ingredients .Great portions of veg hakka noodles which were very mouth watering. Delivery was on time. All dishes are must try.

  81. padmavathy sundar

    Had ordered Veg hakka noodles for the first time and it was worth it. Quantity and quality both were amazing. Very freshly cooked and served. Great service and delivery was on time.

  82. Ram kumar

    My all time favourite spot to order yummy and delicious food. All of these meals are easy to cook, delicious and delivered on time.Highly recommended to everyone

  83. Abhinaya M R

    Everything I have received from friszon has been delicious! My order is always on time and correct.

  84. Datchayani Muthukumaran

    It’s a total 5 Star experience for me and my family. Almost every member of my family has ordered and tried meal kits from Friszon. We all are in love with the services and maybe because of that we have been ordering from friszon for the last 6 months. Never disappointed with the services. Kudos to the team!

  85. Ramya Raman

    The quality and quantity of the food was well maintained. Will surely recommend Friszon for their quality and good flavours. The packaging was also neat and tidy.

  86. Shamsia Mohamed

    I have ordered Veg Hakka Noodles, the taste was awesome and the packaging was nicely done and the delivery was on time and Quantity was good enough and you must try it.

  87. Nithya Murugan

    The order came as expected, 100% safe and 100% delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed how all its flavors complemented each other.

  88. Preetha Senthilkumar

    Hygiene and safety top my priority list while ordering food during the current pandemic. For this reason, I was a bit skeptical about ordering the meal kit. But I did it anyway. And I am for sure not regretting my decision. The food was delivered on time, it was delicious and the packaging was neat and tidy.

  89. Anusha ravindranath

    Clearly a winner in terms of Food. I loved the Veg Hakka Noodles. Service can be worked upon. I can see myself ordering from here more often.

  90. Subha Chandrasekar

    Wonderful concept! Feels like a homemade meal. Really saving me a lot of the time!

  91. Uthayarekha Krishnasamy

    10 out of 10! The meal kits are easy to prepare, the food comes out delicious, and we love the variety.

  92. sowmiya sekar

    Excellent, so easy to make and quick, delicious veg Hakka Noodles.

  93. Magesh babu

    I ordered a Veg Hakka Noodles kit from here. The taste was good, and it was quick to make. It took me 20-30 mins to prepare the same.

  94. Divya mukilan

    Delicious. Superb taste with authentic aroma.

  95. Pavi Saravana

    I am amazed how awesome the services of Friszon is. Everyone is so kind and warm here. The food is tasty and healthy. Really Loved it.

  96. Gayathri Devi M

    The menu from Friszon is definitely worth trying. The Veg hakka noodles were just right.

  97. Ragu

    Fresh ingredients, delicious flavours and spices!

  98. Durga kathir

    In love, love, love with these veg hakka noodles by friszon.

  99. Dhivya P

    A quick, vegetarian and excellent meal.

  100. Rohini Vasudevan

    It’s just too good. I’m a regular buyer and love every bit of it.

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