Paruppu Podi

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Paruppu Podi or Dal Powder is roasted Bengal gram with spices that can be stored for a period of time to make your mealtimes a breeze. It is used as a side dish to rice, but also tastes great when served and mixed with ghee/oil and rice. It is both tasty and healthy with the following benefits;

  • Improves digestion.
  • Rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein
  • Boosts energy.
  • Helps in controlling blood pressure.

 Most of the podis in the market are finely grounded, but we maintain the texture. We make sure that it has a certain crunchiness that makes the experience much better. 

Inspired by our ancestral recipes that were passed on to generations, our paruppu podi is homemade, authentic, and is a must in every kitchen. Order now to get freshly prepared paruppu podi home with in 24 – 48 Hrs


100 gms, 200 gms

35 reviews for Paruppu Podi

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  1. Vasudevan R

    Flavourful podi with a grainy texture

  2. Dipal Dave

    I love this podi 👌👌👌👌

  3. Yashasvi Singh

    Good Quality dal Powder

  4. Kiran Surabhi

    Nice podi

  5. Govindakumar Sarkar

    I bought it. It is a nice product.

  6. sivarajulu

    Home made taste and spicy. Right amount of salt and chillies. Perfect granular powder. Mixed with ghee it will make great companion for idly or dosa and even with hot rice. Keep up the good quality.

  7. chandrika

    I really love these. Ordering almost once in two weeks (kinda addicted)

  8. Vijaya nayagi Ranganadhan

    I have got addicted to it..delicious


    Love the dal podi…still have to try the other ones😍

  10. John Manik Ranglong

    For the first time I take this puruppu is at Kerela Hotel in the year of 2005 i like that . Your product remind those days

  11. Varsha Kambli Naik

    Good Product, tasty nd Fresh

  12. Veerabhadrappa Pasham Bhadrappa

    Excellent podi.

  13. sivarajulu

    Recently i purchased paruppu podi and kariveppillai podi… in paruppu podi salt is little bit more… kativeppillai podi is outstanding…

  14. Pradeep Kumar

    I am loving it, mouth watering taste 😋😋😋😋

  15. Mukherji Victor

    It’s indeed par excellent.

  16. madhu kanthi M

    Bought this. Very fresh and yummy ❤️❤️👌🏻

  17. Nathan Fernandes

    Good Dal Podi

  18. Lakshmi Ravi

    Just loved the pudi honestly 😍

  19. Sachin Mulmule

    As per me… Its good… I tried and tested .. initially small qty was ordered and then reordered .. we liked it….

  20. Puna mahjan

    Very tasty daal podi❤️

  21. Perachi Gopal

    I use it for breakfast with i fly and dosa. I am happy I bought it. If the company maintains the present standard, I will buy it regularly.

  22. Narayana Reddy

    me & my wife have liked the taste of podi mixed with hot rice & ghee.

  23. MV Sriram

    The taste is authentic and original

  24. Chandrasekaran Iyer

    I ordered got it. It was nice

  25. Sankari K Das

    Dal podi is amazing

  26. C Ramasamy Chinnan


  27. Parin Bhuta

    Have bought the Dal Podi and also the Idli Podi…Both are great tasting and everyone in the family is happy to have them !

  28. Anup

    Very good product.

  29. Charlie

    Really authentic taste

  30. Rajan Poduval Kizhakkedath

    I bought it 3days back and had it today with rice. It was very tasty and beyond our expectation.! Ghee is excellent combination with hot white rice.

  31. KN Chatterjee

    Great ! Sure will order it. I think this will help me, as I am alone at home and find difficult to prepare food for me.

  32. Manikandan

    Really good taste

  33. Suman Churiwala

    Dhal podi is fresh n delicious nice product, Good taste

  34. Celeste

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How is this made?

Our podis are freshly prepared on order, ingredients are handpicked from the finest sources and manufactured at our home to ensure the highest possible quality level and authentic taste. They are completely free of preservatives and any artificial colors. They are inspired by our age-old grandmother’s recipes.


Our Story

My mom is an amazing cook. Everything we make at home is inspired by our age-old ancestral recipes that she learned from grandmother. She is very specific with the ingredients she uses. She is particularly good with the podis we make for side dishes and masala purposes. When we have guests and relatives come over, they’d fall in love with the food. They’d specially ask mom for the podis she uses in the food. It’s a very happy moment for my mom. We’d pack the podis and give them when they leave. 

One of the most common feedback that we’ve received is they find the podi very fresh, authentic, and in particular, they were reminded of their mom and their upbringing at their grandmother’s home.If at all I’ve learned anything from eating my mother’s food, the ingredients you use in your recipes are everything!!  In today’s busy world, it’s sad that staying away from our homes is almost necessary.  I remember missing her food when I was completing my studies abroad.  We have neither time nor patience to make our food taste magical, just like home.

So, I teamed up with my mother to make traditional Indian podis from our age-old grandmother recipes available to everyone. Our podis are prepared with care and contain the essence of my mother’s love. I’m willing to share it with you only because I believe that podis can add a lot to a dish and our goal is to make you experience that every day.

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